Will Your Deliveries Negatively Impact Your Business? – Delivery Specialists

 Will Your Deliveries Negatively Impact Your Business? – Delivery Specialists

Warehouses often receive damaged merchandise and don’t realize it until long after the delivery or pick has been made. I’ve had this occur and it can create problems when it  250x Nangs Delivery Brisbane comes time to make a delivery. Arriving at a customer’s home and opening a box only to find an item is damaged can be frustrating for a customer. This can lead to very angry customers demanding a full refund if that item is out of stock.

An easy way to avoid this problem is to open and visibly inspect any boxes that appear to be damaged, especially when picking up or receiving special order items. I make it a general rule to keep a couple of rolls of packaging tape handy at all times just so I can open boxes and close them once I’ve determined that the merchandise is in good condition. I’ve made it a point at times to open all the boxes from some companies even if they appear to be in good condition. If I’m picking up an order from the manufacturer I can exchange the items right then. When receiving a delivery some companies will allow you to send it back on that truck, if not you can at least document the damages on the bill of lading.

The main reason I check all special orders is that if you arrive at a delivery of a special order only to find damaged merchandise the customer already knows you don’t have another in stock. They may demand a refund, even if the problem is fixable. If I am able to re-mediate the problem before making a delivery, the customer never suspects that anything was wrong. If I am not able to fix the problem, I may be able to get a replacement before the scheduled delivery.

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