The Best Type of Dogs For Small Children

Before your family decides to adopt or even buy a dog there are some things you should consider. Small and medium dogs are recommended for children because they’re can dogs eat pecans

 easy to train, playful and more sociable. Each breed of dogs have different characteristics and personalities. Learning about the breeds behavior is a great way to ensure you’re getting the right dog.

Golden Retriever were ranked #4 for two years straight for being highly recommended for children. Golden Retrievers will grow to approximately 55lbs to 75lbs. They’re body structure muscular and sturdy for walking and running. Since golden retrievers are great listeners and are obedient as well, they are usually used for therapy, guide dogs and hunting. Golden retrievers are the most used breed in Hollywood; they can be seen in many movies and shows like Full House, Air Bud, Dr. Doolittle and the Drew Carey Show.

*naturally protective

Labrador Retriever also known as a “Lab” comes in three colors; black, chocolate and yellow. Labs are generally used for law enforcement. Jake became known to the world in 2001 when he found missing survivors who were trapped when the World Trade Center was bomb. Labs were ranked the #1 best dog for the past five years. Male Labs can weigh between 65lbs to 80lbs, while female Labs can weigh between 55lbs to 70lbs. Good training of your Lab when they’re young will help make them a good pet.

*powerful swimmers

Yorkshire Terriers also known as “Yorkie” are very small dogs; weighing between 5lbs to 7lbs. With Yorkshire being so small you must always be careful how you handle them and watch what they get into. As Yorkshire get older some will experience a number of joint problems. An adult Yorkshire will have very long hair and some owners may want to cut it, this will give them more mobility. Yorkshire have brown, yellow, gray (metallic blue) and mixed cream color coats.

*loves attention

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