Looking At Gun Safe Cabinets – Hinges, Anchor Holes, Fireproofing and Door Seals

 Looking At Gun Safe Cabinets – Hinges, Anchor Holes, Fireproofing and Door Seals

When deciding on what gun safe cabinet to purchase there are a number of recommendations about the safe’s construction that a buyer should take into consideration 38 special ammo . Answering the following questions will provide buyers with some knowledge to begin choosing a gun safe that suits the size and security build affordable in their budget.

How big a safe should you be looking to buy?

With what gauge steel should the door and body be constructed?

How well constructed is the shell?

How many and what diameter the locking bolts are needed?

What locking device should be installed?

Should gun cabinet safes have internal or external hinges?

Do gun cabinets need pre-drilled anchor holes?

Do gun cabinets need to be fireproof?

Does the gun cabinet’s door seal to keep out water and smoke?

The first five of these questions have been discussed in previous articles. The focus of this article is on the design security provided by hinges, anchor holes, fireproofing and door seals in gun cabinet construction.

Internal or external hinges

While internal hinges enhance the look of a safe giving it a sleek modern appearance, from a security perspective external hinges provide no less security than internal hinges. If you require the gun safe cabinet door to open wider, to a full 180 degrees, or the door removed for transport and servicing, then external hinges are the better option. Importantly, gun safe cabinets with external hinges must have locking bolts on the hinge side. When external hinges are forcibly removed, safe doors with locking bolts on all four sides will remain locked in place.

Anchor holes

Whenever possible all gun safe cabinets should be anchored in place with heavy-duty fasteners. Gun safe cabinets with good steel protection are heavy and are even heavier when fully loaded. Remember, your gun safe will not be too heavy for burglars armed with a pallet and pallet jack to remove the safe from your premises. So look for safes with pre-drilled anchor holes.


Adding fire resistance to your safe is a big decision and needs to be made taking into account the odds of their being a fire. Statistics show that your guns are more likely to be fire damaged than stolen. Non fire resistant gun safe cabinets are nothing more than a big metal oven. Spend the extra money and get the fireproofing in any safe you buy.

Door Seals

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